Monday, October 31, 2005

New Start

If you're joining this story in progress, you may not know that I've been struggling with my health over the past year. I had mono, then a lingering respiratory infection, and then some odd neurological symptoms that may have been a reaction to an antibiotic. Fortunately, I've come through all those illnesses, confirming in the process that I most likely don't have anything life-threatening or horribly degenerative--but, unfortunately, I haven't regained my energy. I wake up tired, and get progressively more so as I go about my day.

I'm starting up this blog again for two reasons. First, I've been terrible at keeping everyone except a handful of people up-to-date. (If you're among the perfectly lovely people I've neglected over the past year, I hope you'll accept my apologies, and know that I miss you. I also hope that you'll get a personal apology sometime soon.) Second, I want to have a place to record what happens as I start to make changes in my life to try to manage my energy more effectively.

I've kept this separate from my other blog so that those who aren't particularly interested in the Perils of Christine don't have to slog through all these details to get to the fascinating reports of presumed break-ins and ant invasions chronicled there. After a long internal debate I've decided to put a link on the other blog that leads here, and to leave the link to my profile (and real name) intact. I do feel a little shy about making this so public, but it would be silly to post anything particularly private on the internet in the first place--and, well, it's hardly a secret that I'm tired.